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* Design, Engineering Consulting and supervision: up-dated and innovative design developments including Electrical and Mechanical systems in building services. The office offers project documents complete with technical design, specifications, quantity estimation and budget cost estimates.

* Execution and supervision: with a long experience in execution and supervision of elaborate MEP systems including quality control, project scheduling and tracking, cost control and procurement management.

* Representation and sales of equipment and instruments sourcing: a selection of equipment and instruments is handled by our office which includes supply, warranty and spare parts. Specialization

* HVAC: Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning.

* Plumbing: Domestic cold & hot water distribution, drainage and water treatment systems.

* Mechanical systems: Fire fighting, solar DHW heating & irrigation.

* Electrical works: Lighting, power distribution and low current.

* Electrical systems: low voltage, security and protection systems, building management systems and automation of building services.

* Stand-by power generation.